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TAG by Cera Tile


This line is sold by the pack.
Each pack is 10 different styles.
5 different and unique packs.

Size: 18”x18”

There are 50 unique images contributed by 25 artists in the TAG collection and each image is an excerpt of a much larger mural. We are thrilled to be able to say that the artists in this collection are participating through a licensing agreement that compensates them for their work!

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Pack Styles

TAG-PACK-1 by Cera Tile


TAG-PACK-2 by Cera Tile


TAG-PACK-3 by Cera Tile


TAG-PACK-4 by Cera Tile


TAG-PACK-5 by Cera Tile


Room Scenes & Photos

Pack I

Pack II

Pack III

Pack IV

Pack V

Matte Colors


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